Thursday, April 3, 2014

The good life

On this perfect rainy day, all i can think about is cozying up at my beloved home. Sigh, too bad that won't be happening for a few hours. I'm still at work and have a step study at my sponsor's after  but all i can think about is shopping for rain boots!! Definitely going to have to pick up a pair tomorrow morning.

Some highlites in the Hergy Life as of late:

My beautiful closet; not yet complete but definitely so magnificent already. I've never had anything like this!!

Just Jethro stealing the bed after we woke up ;)

Last night's cook out with our babely brother & sister duo, the Michaelsons. Homemade venison burgers, fresh buns, grilled zucchini, and additive/ nitrate free all- beef hot dogs!

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