Sunday, August 31, 2014

Busy holiday weekend!

Such a busy yet relaxing weekend. Friday night i stayed in and studied. Legitimately fell asleep with my book in my lap ;p haha am i a grandma or a little kid?! Somewhere in between i guess, appropriate! Saturday's work day seemed so long. But i did a little shopping after and drove my sister home from work. By the time i made it home i was beat, but i squeezed a workout in anyway!!! Glad my strength pulled through! This beautiful rainy sunday included church, harry getting tattooed, and soon we are dashing off to eat with kitty & sue. See- all relaxing things, just several in one day, thus busy! I took a little cat nap; i can't decide if i want to sleep forever or run a marathon hahaha naps are so foreign to me, my body doesn't know how to respond to them.
Does anyone else struggle with rest? Whether it be getting proper sleep at night or being able to stop in the middle of a busy day and say- hey! I need rest!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Frustration Friday!!!!!

Oh boy. The weekend for some is a thrilling time; days off from work, enjoyable time out & about with loved ones, a fresh breath before the return to work. My weekends don't start until Sunday, so i miss some of the action. I'm not going to lie... I am not a big fan of fridays & saturdays. They can either be so obnoxiously slow at work that it feels like i'm dying or so clustered with random people and billions of phone calls and chaotic  personalities, that i am dreaming of ripping my eyeballs out.
Ahem, that latter scenario? Happening right now. >=|
This has been the work day from Hell. Too many attitudes. Too many people stopping to "visit." Too much everything. My spiritual side is really being tested today. I am far too excited to get the heck out of here, put sweatpants on, and study for my bio test. My ability to be around people today is obviously burned out and i need some peace of mind before i commit to dancing with any more egos!
Maybe it's Aunt Flow, maybe it's the busy day. All i know is ...... Praying and breathing deeply A LOT today!!!!

How do you guys relieve stress?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new day, a new hope!

Wouldn't you know that not long after my last post, hubby harry returned home from work, and not much longer after that, WE WENT TO PICK UP MY CAR! Let me just preach our little peach's shop... If you're in the pittsburgh area, Ryan Grant's garage, Castle Shannon, my hero again!! All of my fears, all of my human insufficiencies.. Quickly tackled. Let me restate why i think my day did a complete turnaround; i prayed whole heartedly. No, i don't think God made a quick stop at Grant's garage, no i don't think Jesus was my mechanic. But yes, i did find strength in prayer, yes i was able to slowly come to a calmer state that allowed me to focus on how i could fix the situation, yes i realized there was hope. Often times i know that i would love to see big, wonder- filled miracles like the Bible describes. But i am humble in the fact that i hardly ever will. And i am honest in the fact that throughout very troubling times in my life, i feel like i HAVE seen big things happen.
Alright, i just had to get that out. ;)
Last night we had a popcorn date and watched the Emmy's. So cute. I'm beyond touched everyday by the love of my life. I cannot believe i got so lucky to have my perfect match pick me forever!!! Is it anniversary time yet?!?!?
Pumped to have a later class today, i'm finally going to check out the gym at school! This is my last week of 5 days on with 2 days of rest on the Jamie Eason Live Fit plan. Oiiii vey, almost time for the 6 days on!!! My cramps and bloating are trying to fight me on working out today but noooo way, sister, i'm calling the shots today!!! I am so glad it's not a chincy little gym and locker room. I'll have enough time to do legs, shower, and eat breakfast, all before english! Now that's what i'm talking about!!!

Off i go to pack my gym bag and 90k supplements ;p
Have a great day! Create the joy you seek!

Monday, August 25, 2014

A word on humility...

You know, looking through all my posts titles recently, i noticed how i focused on a lot of great things- "the good life" "so blessed" etc etc. But let's be real- life is a balancing act. Last night i had my first car "incident." I'm choosing to call it that over an accident because it makes more sense to me... Unless you have a screw lose, anything that negatively happens in a car is an accident, duh. Anyway, while driving to Donaldsons' Crossroads to get my sister from work, a combination of me trying to rush & get it over with quickly and having poor vision at night assisted in my incident; driving over the median on Rte. 19. My lovely little Saturn sits lower to the ground than most, and that coupled with my 30ish-mph going over it blew out my two front tires, as well as crumpled my rims. And that's simply what we know- hopefully when harry's friend goes over it in his garage, we don't get a more detailed list of items ruined. Either way, all i've been praying is HELP! (Reading a fantastic book called "Help, Thanks, Wow" ... Check it out!) I need God's help now more than ever; in understanding; in acceptance; in finding the solution rather than lingering in the problem. After crying a lot and talking to many people, i am finally calming down, at least some. I suppose my deals at Macy's today helped as well ;p
All in all, my experience was this- life is good all the time, and sometimes bad things happen. I just have to turn to other people know for added strength and support. Car "incidents" are in no way unusual. This was just my first, and therefore all the more scary. Thankfully i didn't get hurt, thankfully no one else was involved or hurt, thankfully monetary issues are all that we must deal with, thankfully God has kept me sober yet another day to keep even less troubles in my way. Do i stay in the negative, the problem, of my car that needs fixed, or do i pray, breathe, and find the solution? I must move into the latter at this point, for my sanity and for those around me that try to assist me. I urge you to do the same with every "incident" in your life... Big or small!!!
God will answer you, perhaps just not how you expect it. Did i magically fly over the median i couldn't see and avoid hitting it? Um.. No. But i do i have great family & friends that are helping me and DID I GET OUT OF CLASS EARLY TODAY?! You bet your sweet buns. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The end

Ohhh end of the week, how i love you. Last day of work for the week, last day of workouts for the week. Sigh. Pure, exasperated bliss! Amber is coming over tonight for our weekly chick- flick hangout! Tonight's theme: ROBIN WILLIAMS. Yep. Gonna cry everywhere. I think Jumanji is a definite, because at least there are thrilling momenta to keep from thinking of robin. I don't know if we'll emotionally be able to handle more than one movie! Plus, let's face it, i'm ALWAYS asleep by 11:30 on the weekends. And that's my LATE bedtime ;p hahahaha

Mmmm already made a batch of kale chips so that they're ready to go!! I tossed the clean, ripped up leaves into walnut oil, garlic & onion powder, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and pink Himalayan salt. They're going to be divine!!! Plus it's the only way i can get harry to eat kale ;p keeping tonight's food healthy- normally i make chick night eat- whateva- the- heck- i- want night, but i did that in excess earlier in the week and have still been feeling belly aches since. Plus we have jordan's
bday party picnic tomorrow, so i might want to enjoy indulging then! Besides.... Something yummy/ healthy from applebee's + kale chips + dark chocolate covered frozen bananas + Graze popcorn = moooorrrreeee than satisfying!!! 

My breakfast sandwich today.... Omg... 
Pepperidge Farms' light oatmeal bread + egg whites + tilapia baked with spices + raw kale + sriracha .... I am still enjoying this and i ate it three hours ago. Happy post- workout belly!!!! 

And the treat i was looking forward to all week!!! Oh pumpkin coffee. Me love you long time. I try not to drink coffee often because 1) i get a little sugar- happy and 2) it hurts my belly A LOT in excess. I mixed my coffee with plain, powdered non-dairy creamer, 1tbsp sugar, and 1tbsp coconut sugar. It. Is. Perfect. I just want pumpkin everything. Going to have to stock up on some pureed pumpkin right about meow. Let the fall recipes begin! I'm over summer! 

Well, back to work i go. Still have a few more hours before my weekend begins!!! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

comfort food :)

Let me be honest- yesterday i was worn out to the point of insanity! It was definitely the type of day where even just a breathe made me want to cry and the person driving in front of me made me homocidal- regardless of how they were driving ;p so thankfully my hubby knows how to swoop in and fix it; my head that is! I cancelled my plans for the evening and asked harry if we could make someone else cook for us! A big bowl of pasta from Atria's hit the spot!!!! Sometimes i feel like i'm completely trapped in my head and it's impossible to see other people, other feelings, positivity, anything outside of the sick, nutty thoughts that race through my head and end up physically impairing me. I turn to my husband and family and recovery family in these times. Because they help me get out of me, return to the real world, and center my prayers. Last night, i knew i needed the reconnection to Harry. It was perfect. I could literally feel the weight of my unrealistic emotions lift off of me. We had a great night together, fell asleep at ease, and i woke up feeling so refreshed! I can reflect on things that happened this week and grow from them, rather than shrink at my perception of them. I know God gives me tests and lessons to rise above, not be defeated by.
That being said, last two days of work for the week, time to get 'em over with so i can enjoy my days off with family!!! Sunday is alllll family- church with gram, my nephew's birthday party, and my home group meeting. Nothing like a whole day with the people i love so so much!!!

On the last note; i have had two marvelous experiences with my age this week ;p hahahahaha
-In my english class yesterday, we worked in groups. We read two articles, picked main points out, etc. Naturally, i was leading the group- i WILL take the reign in an english class!!!! Anyway, one of the girls in the group asked how old i was because she felt like i didn't talk like a younger girl HAHA i mean, the way she worded it, i took it completely as a compliment. But i am for sure the oldest or one of about three older people in all my classes so far.
-And our hostess at Atria's? Why, yes, it was a girl i have known since she was an infant and used to babysit! Holy cow. Can we also talk about the fact that with her mother's indian heritage, she was GORGEOUS and looked older than me?! I felt old but looked 12. STORY OF MY LIFE.

It's ok though :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Well, this week has shown me that my current life is going to give me several nights of sleeping like a baby! Up at 5, workout, class, work, dinner, sleep! Harry is more awake than i am at the end of the day- IMPOSSIBLE! I still haven't heard back from AGH. Not going to get upset, i know God has a plan for me. And it would have been night shift haha so maybe His plan is simply to take it easy on me?! Hahaha. I'm just happy to be moving forward; that's all that matters to me! Probably going to leave my weekend open for wildness... And by that i mean pumpkin coffee and bio homework!!!
Life is GOOD! Practice an attitude of gratitude EVERY day!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling on top of the world!

Well, i have to admit... My first class yesterday was filled with anxiety and then laughter and acceptance. The whole way to school and while i was sitting in the classroom before we started, i was almost sure i might puke! ;p i used the restroom and saw harry's lunchbox; his company is working on our lab! Hopefully they finish quickly because i want to get in there! But my anxiety left when my teacher started to get into our plans and goals. She is amaaaaazing! Smart, funny, and she swears like a sailor- perfect! I'm looking forward to bio. Unfortunately i did do a ridiculous amount of running around after class and harry and i took a mega power nap until about 7:30. So unusual for me! Thankfully we were both so beat that we still went to bed around our normal time.
Back to school tomorrow, my second bio of the week, followed by english thursday morning. I'm glad paych doesn't start until early september because FUCK are books expensive. Ridiculous. Oh well, i'll do whatever it takes to get to my career! I already applied to for Med Lab Tech in spring 2015. Oh man i hope that there are no complications!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

New, amazing things on the horizon!

This Sunday morning, i have so much to be grateful for!! Well, most days, but i can reflect on so much today! Darren is back from his tour in Qatar, safe and sound- THANK GOD! He got leave to come home so we spent some time with him and his girlfriend and family on friday night. I don't know what i would do without my cousin. Saturday we had our usual chick flick/ take-out night with amber :) i love that my hubby is so wonderful to spend time with and does the cutesy stuff with us! And today- so much on my mind! I am looking forward to church with my gram. The new pastor at her church is very powerful and moving! His sermon last sunday really called to me! I still want to check out the Hot Metal Faith community, but Harry isn't able to go to church with me today so we're waiting for that. After that i'll head to harry's hockey game and hopefully check out bubba's gourmet burger place!!! It doesn't get much fresher than having the butcher in the back of the restaurant!!! And we get to see the new baby, kaleb!!!! Hopefully soon we'll be able to have our own little bundle. Tomorrow is MONUMENTAL! My first day of college, ever, at 27 years old. You know, getting older doesn't make it any lessnerve racking! I'm just as nervous as i imagine a kid fresh out of high school is! Also, i should hopefully get word back about my applicatiom to AGH to do part time lab processing!!! My cousin Dawn put in a good word with her friend which would be amazing!!! They would probably even end up paying for most of my school. AMAZIIIING! Wow. So nuts that i could start school and hear back on a job related to my career goal in the same day! I could basically cry with joy! HAHA!
Plus, we are finally almost at the one month countdown to our one year anniversary. I don't know how you people keep presents a surprise, this shit is torture! After the anniversary i'm going back to my old ways of gifts whenever i get them hahahaha
Happy sunday! Hope you are all open to love & light today!