Friday, August 22, 2014

comfort food :)

Let me be honest- yesterday i was worn out to the point of insanity! It was definitely the type of day where even just a breathe made me want to cry and the person driving in front of me made me homocidal- regardless of how they were driving ;p so thankfully my hubby knows how to swoop in and fix it; my head that is! I cancelled my plans for the evening and asked harry if we could make someone else cook for us! A big bowl of pasta from Atria's hit the spot!!!! Sometimes i feel like i'm completely trapped in my head and it's impossible to see other people, other feelings, positivity, anything outside of the sick, nutty thoughts that race through my head and end up physically impairing me. I turn to my husband and family and recovery family in these times. Because they help me get out of me, return to the real world, and center my prayers. Last night, i knew i needed the reconnection to Harry. It was perfect. I could literally feel the weight of my unrealistic emotions lift off of me. We had a great night together, fell asleep at ease, and i woke up feeling so refreshed! I can reflect on things that happened this week and grow from them, rather than shrink at my perception of them. I know God gives me tests and lessons to rise above, not be defeated by.
That being said, last two days of work for the week, time to get 'em over with so i can enjoy my days off with family!!! Sunday is alllll family- church with gram, my nephew's birthday party, and my home group meeting. Nothing like a whole day with the people i love so so much!!!

On the last note; i have had two marvelous experiences with my age this week ;p hahahahaha
-In my english class yesterday, we worked in groups. We read two articles, picked main points out, etc. Naturally, i was leading the group- i WILL take the reign in an english class!!!! Anyway, one of the girls in the group asked how old i was because she felt like i didn't talk like a younger girl HAHA i mean, the way she worded it, i took it completely as a compliment. But i am for sure the oldest or one of about three older people in all my classes so far.
-And our hostess at Atria's? Why, yes, it was a girl i have known since she was an infant and used to babysit! Holy cow. Can we also talk about the fact that with her mother's indian heritage, she was GORGEOUS and looked older than me?! I felt old but looked 12. STORY OF MY LIFE.

It's ok though :)

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