Sunday, August 31, 2014

Busy holiday weekend!

Such a busy yet relaxing weekend. Friday night i stayed in and studied. Legitimately fell asleep with my book in my lap ;p haha am i a grandma or a little kid?! Somewhere in between i guess, appropriate! Saturday's work day seemed so long. But i did a little shopping after and drove my sister home from work. By the time i made it home i was beat, but i squeezed a workout in anyway!!! Glad my strength pulled through! This beautiful rainy sunday included church, harry getting tattooed, and soon we are dashing off to eat with kitty & sue. See- all relaxing things, just several in one day, thus busy! I took a little cat nap; i can't decide if i want to sleep forever or run a marathon hahaha naps are so foreign to me, my body doesn't know how to respond to them.
Does anyone else struggle with rest? Whether it be getting proper sleep at night or being able to stop in the middle of a busy day and say- hey! I need rest!

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