Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy labor day!

What a way to start a week- with a holiday! Which means harry has off so i get an extra hubby day!!! We snuggled the fur babies and slept in, since i did not have class either. Just busting out the cardio to finish my workout and then we're off for some family time! I ADORE holidays. Because of their meaning but even moreso because anytime that can actually get set aside for fanily in this busy world is freeeeaking amazing to me! I want family time everyday but that obviously isn't possible.
How can you be there for your family this Labor Day?   We celebrate this day every year to look at the contributions laborers have made to our economic and social structure. So, celebrating this day of American strength, how can you apply that same dedication of strength and hard work to your family unit?
Sending the best! Xoxo

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