Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A happy hump day

I love how fast weeks seem to fly by. For the most part, at least. In a way i hate that time escapes us so often. But most days are extremely joyful so i'm thankful for that! I had my meeting with the director of admissions at CCAC on monday. She was super friendly and spelled out everything pretty clearly. I still have to research a little more about the Mercy School of Nursing (since their email response was quite blunt and cold to look online for information- rude!). If i decide to take my basic courses at CCAC i could start june 30th! And then once my basic credits are fulfilled i could enroll for the nursing program. I will pretty mich have to have a 3.5 GPA or higher to have any shot of getting into either, so i'm going to be pretty buckled down and studying hard!!! I think i'm going to lean towards pediatrics but i still have tons of time to figure that out. Now i see why God hasn't given me a sponsee yet... I have some thigs to focus on in my own life! Speaking of which, i'm speaking sunday  and at the end of may... Thank goodness i went to macy's the other day and got a comfy pair of little strappy heels! Also, thank goodness the shoe gods were telling me not to splurge- i tried to get 3 pairs of wedge sandals to try on (michael kors, guess, and someone else ridic) and they didn't have ANY of the 3 in my size... Yep, i hear ya, no crazy spending right now! Tonight we're heading straight to Stage AE after i get off work. Let's hope i can stay awake hahaha. A friend from work gave us free boxseat tickets to see volbeat. Yay!!!! And tomorrow i have a meeting with the girls. Friday, amber is dying my hair. Somehow, my weeks are always full. It's nice but i think a calm week is in order after this weekend. I hope in a way these next few weeks fly by because i can't wait to get back to my church. This sunday i'm going to my brother & sister in laws church, next sunday to my grandma's (since it's mother's day), and then the following week... Finally back to mine. It's my favorite. Rev. Patterson that baptized me is still the senior minister there. Soooo awesome; what a wonderful man. Plus, Smithfield is probably the most beautiful church in Pgh. I'd say i'm biased but i really think it's true!!! So much history there.
Well, i have to finish getting ready for work. I have to make my rice & tuna for lunch- getting back on track! I ate Stonepepper's grille for lunch yesterday and felt like i was dying. Ugh. Made a big batch of master cleanse lemonade too. And slowly phasing meat out again. Hello happy healthy life!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Fun!

Ohhhh how i cannot wait for this work day to fly by! I haven't had my hair colored since OUR WEDDING! Wow. And tonight that changes! Amber is coming after work- blonde & bright red highlites!!! Or whatever you'd want to call the red haha. I'm just thrilled! New season, new hair. Fantastic. I'll post photos of her work later. Ahhhh so excited! Okay, off to workout!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Doing something for Nature, especially on Earth Day, has always been special to me. Now i can't claim perfect attendance to every Earth Day, but as your typical flower child, i plead that Earth Day is everyday, and therefore am a regular participant.
On this particular day, I felt that giving back to Mother Earth and making our home beautiful could be coupled into one. My mum brought us tulips and hyacinths on Easter, so this morning I introduced them to our yard!
How appropriate that it is raining today. Life! Gaia is good!!!

How will you give back to our blessed Earth today?!


Mondays off!

Sundays and Mondays are my weekend. Since the holiday was packed and nutty, i tried to have a more relaxed and laid back monday. Harry and i did some work around the house, and he even toted me to a doctor appointment! What an angel. We played with the dog in our yard for a bit and then i hosted our usual women's step study. It was a particularly wilder night than usual, so i'm excited that we've decided to balance robust personalities by attending a meeting every other week instead. Forever trying to obtain that sweet, calm balance!! And of course, THE PENS WON GAME 3!!!! Playoff hockey is just so magical!!!
It's going to be a warm, rainy day- LOVE YOU, SPRING!!! Rain boots and shorts today- check!
Can't wait to get the day of work under my belt and come home to workout and relax! Happy Tuesday, yinz guys!

Jethro was exhausted after all our Easter guests left!

So much so that he was still pooped the next day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Joyful Ostara!

So much to celebrate! What an amazing Easter this was. Church in the morning with my gram and mum was long overdue and wonderful. We had more than enough food, several laughs and hugs, and the best time i could ask for with hardly any stressed moments (one small food spill momentarily made me a touch nutty but that was it!).  And now i'm snuggling jethro before i head to my meeting, cupcakes homemade by my step mom and sister in hand! Harry is enjoying a little wind in his hair on his bike right now. All in all- such a blessed day!
I hope that everyone out there was able to enjoy this season of rebirth and growth with those that they love!

So proud of my bunny bread haha

A feast fit for a queen!

Aunt Sue & Kitty's adorable gluten free carrot cake!

Grandma and I taking a photo to send to my beloved cousin who is overseas in the Air Force right now :(

The only remains of my poor bunny!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April showers- yes; April snow- heck no!

I am more than okay with spring's expected rainfall. As one of the few fans of rain, i also take in to consideration that spring is a season of renewal and birth, which obviously requires rehydration. However... The snow flakes i saw en route to work and throughout the rest of the day... NOT OKAY! I decided to be a rebel and dress as if it were still warm out. I also got a new tattoo on monday and pants were just out of the question today! ;p

Amber killed it! Ali and I loved our matching sundae babies! 

It was so appropriate that one of yesterdays Man Repeller blogs was on YOLO dressing HAHAHA i have mastered the occasional days of dressing like a 5 year old and i'm TOTALLY okay with it.

It was nice to have a date night with hubby this evening as well. Nothing makes a cold, wet day like snuggling! Especially after we ran around in the cold unloading groceries. We finally got a Sam's membership today; i'm not sure why it took so long! Of course i was a goof and forgot to make a list of everything we needed to get for Easter brunch, but thankfully i remembered some. There's just something about grocery shopping that makes my heart happy, though, so i don't mind the extra grocery store trip! 

Tonights dinner: fresh tilapia & green beans, baked with spices. Mixed spring greens & zucchini salads, and fresh fruit water. So perfect! 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Banquet fun

My husband... The only man i know that wakes me up EARLIER than usual on days off !! Hahaha. Last night we attended the 73rd annual AA Banquet. It was pretty wonderful. The food was mediocre and i drank more beverages than i ate food, but everything else was spot on. Four Points by Sheraton was a beautiful place and the speakers were wonderful, especially the AA lead. I love nights like that  where i get to share AA with Harry. It was of course also fun to get dressed up together and see good friends all dolled up as well. We didn't stay for the dancing and went to bed around midnight- seriously late for us!! Haha oh how things change the older i get. The smarter i get! And yet here i am awake by 7:15 haha. I need my full 8 hours, hubby is in trouble! Yesterday taught me a few things... That i have a program that brought me to God that I can always turn to; that my husband and i support each other through anything we can; that i have true, deep friendships that help my soul flourish; that the growth in the rest of my life is showing me that i need growth in my career life. So i'm going to pray on the next steps i need to take and God will show me what to do.. Hopefully soon because i'd like to have school for a career started or completed by the time i'm 30, and that only leaves me 3 years!  Today i'm focusing on gardening and  enjoying a lunch with my mother in law for her birthday- i'll start searching for classes tomorrow. One thing at a time!
Have a happy Sunday; follow your heart and it will lead you to God!

A shot of us from the Banquet... Oh cute Hergy's!

Friday, April 11, 2014


I am, of course, a creature of habit. I always have been, and it might be safe to say that i always will be. However, an important task i had to take on was turning my routines and habits into POSITIVE ones, rather than the negative ones i had become trapped in. To overcome my eating disorders, one thing i try to practice is maintaining a regular workout plan throughout the week. This STILL is the most beneficial routine i have replaced my unhealthy eating- and lack thereof- habits with. The endorphine release, the pride, and the actual visual transformation help keep my hectic mind in line with my soul and life ambition, as opposed to when my disorders try to force my into patterns that are- putting it nicely- soft suicide. Now that we are mostly settled in our home, i am back on a regime. I've been working out regularly, and in turn, i make wise, healthy food choices. As i continue to conquer my alcoholism, i maintain regular, whole hearted connection with my Higher Power. To back this necessity to my life, hubby and i even make sure to pray before we eat dinner. Or at least on the nights when we can actually sit at the table and have dinner together. By including my partner in life in this bond with God, it is becoming a healthy backbone in our home, which in turn makes it an even stronger habit in my life.
At the end of the day, i think routines and habits can be good- if you allow them to be. If what you do on a regular basis is soul- soothing, that is what your life will be.

Happy Friday!

Taking a little break from skullcrushers!

I replenished my Fiona collection; it motivated me through my arm & ab workout!

The Hergy dumbbell life! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Closing a door

As i sit in our first living space together, i feel it is important to reflect on all the good- and bad- times that were shared here. In part, because the damn carpet cleaners are taking forever. But also because as excited as i am to turn in our apartment keys today and close this chapter, it was OUR first place together. The location was probably the best thing on a strictly material level. That and the pool. The setup itself is rather blah and shows signs of minimal updating since its 1970- something inception. But on the deeper side of this dwelling... This is the first place harry and i returned to on a daily basis together. This is where we built our one on one partnership. Amidst all the turbulance of our first months, with outside forces trying to keep us apart and my rocky battle with alcoholism and a list of disorders, this is where we knew we could make it through anything. This is where i knew i found my soul mate; where i snuggled up close to the only man i ever want to kiss again.
So the gratitude certainly overpowers the lack of updates, cramped space, and overpriced rent rates. While i am not upset about leaving the apartment, i'll always remember how it was a nest for my eternal love. I'll remember getting ready for my wedding day in our living room- dining room space. The nights of early sobriety where i thought for sure that i was going to cave but turned to my sponsor a few doors away. So much love in these tiny, white walls!!!
Goodbye, Squires Manor!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding peace in life

Today is just the most perfect day... I woke up earlier than i anticipated, thanks to jethro needing to be let out. But i managed to stay awake and THANK GOD! I got so much accomplished this morning and that is seriously the best feeling ever! My menu for Easter has come together, i got a workout in, i called the elections office to figure out the problem with my new voter card, caught up on tv shoes, and actually had time to do my hair and makeup! Whew. Nothing compares to a good start to a day. Seriously. All around this is going to be a great day! After work, i'm meeting some girlfriends at a meeting to support our friend who is speaking. Oh wednesdays, you're the best!!!

Ohhhhh how i cannot wait to have our first holiday lunch at our home!!!

Even though i'm stopping at starbucks before work... This is a divine treat!

Good hair days = good days in general! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The good life

On this perfect rainy day, all i can think about is cozying up at my beloved home. Sigh, too bad that won't be happening for a few hours. I'm still at work and have a step study at my sponsor's after  but all i can think about is shopping for rain boots!! Definitely going to have to pick up a pair tomorrow morning.

Some highlites in the Hergy Life as of late:

My beautiful closet; not yet complete but definitely so magnificent already. I've never had anything like this!!

Just Jethro stealing the bed after we woke up ;)

Last night's cook out with our babely brother & sister duo, the Michaelsons. Homemade venison burgers, fresh buns, grilled zucchini, and additive/ nitrate free all- beef hot dogs!