Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! Joyful Ostara!

So much to celebrate! What an amazing Easter this was. Church in the morning with my gram and mum was long overdue and wonderful. We had more than enough food, several laughs and hugs, and the best time i could ask for with hardly any stressed moments (one small food spill momentarily made me a touch nutty but that was it!).  And now i'm snuggling jethro before i head to my meeting, cupcakes homemade by my step mom and sister in hand! Harry is enjoying a little wind in his hair on his bike right now. All in all- such a blessed day!
I hope that everyone out there was able to enjoy this season of rebirth and growth with those that they love!

So proud of my bunny bread haha

A feast fit for a queen!

Aunt Sue & Kitty's adorable gluten free carrot cake!

Grandma and I taking a photo to send to my beloved cousin who is overseas in the Air Force right now :(

The only remains of my poor bunny!

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