Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mondays off!

Sundays and Mondays are my weekend. Since the holiday was packed and nutty, i tried to have a more relaxed and laid back monday. Harry and i did some work around the house, and he even toted me to a doctor appointment! What an angel. We played with the dog in our yard for a bit and then i hosted our usual women's step study. It was a particularly wilder night than usual, so i'm excited that we've decided to balance robust personalities by attending a meeting every other week instead. Forever trying to obtain that sweet, calm balance!! And of course, THE PENS WON GAME 3!!!! Playoff hockey is just so magical!!!
It's going to be a warm, rainy day- LOVE YOU, SPRING!!! Rain boots and shorts today- check!
Can't wait to get the day of work under my belt and come home to workout and relax! Happy Tuesday, yinz guys!

Jethro was exhausted after all our Easter guests left!

So much so that he was still pooped the next day!

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