Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finding peace in life

Today is just the most perfect day... I woke up earlier than i anticipated, thanks to jethro needing to be let out. But i managed to stay awake and THANK GOD! I got so much accomplished this morning and that is seriously the best feeling ever! My menu for Easter has come together, i got a workout in, i called the elections office to figure out the problem with my new voter card, caught up on tv shoes, and actually had time to do my hair and makeup! Whew. Nothing compares to a good start to a day. Seriously. All around this is going to be a great day! After work, i'm meeting some girlfriends at a meeting to support our friend who is speaking. Oh wednesdays, you're the best!!!

Ohhhhh how i cannot wait to have our first holiday lunch at our home!!!

Even though i'm stopping at starbucks before work... This is a divine treat!

Good hair days = good days in general! 

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