Friday, April 11, 2014


I am, of course, a creature of habit. I always have been, and it might be safe to say that i always will be. However, an important task i had to take on was turning my routines and habits into POSITIVE ones, rather than the negative ones i had become trapped in. To overcome my eating disorders, one thing i try to practice is maintaining a regular workout plan throughout the week. This STILL is the most beneficial routine i have replaced my unhealthy eating- and lack thereof- habits with. The endorphine release, the pride, and the actual visual transformation help keep my hectic mind in line with my soul and life ambition, as opposed to when my disorders try to force my into patterns that are- putting it nicely- soft suicide. Now that we are mostly settled in our home, i am back on a regime. I've been working out regularly, and in turn, i make wise, healthy food choices. As i continue to conquer my alcoholism, i maintain regular, whole hearted connection with my Higher Power. To back this necessity to my life, hubby and i even make sure to pray before we eat dinner. Or at least on the nights when we can actually sit at the table and have dinner together. By including my partner in life in this bond with God, it is becoming a healthy backbone in our home, which in turn makes it an even stronger habit in my life.
At the end of the day, i think routines and habits can be good- if you allow them to be. If what you do on a regular basis is soul- soothing, that is what your life will be.

Happy Friday!

Taking a little break from skullcrushers!

I replenished my Fiona collection; it motivated me through my arm & ab workout!

The Hergy dumbbell life! 

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