Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April showers- yes; April snow- heck no!

I am more than okay with spring's expected rainfall. As one of the few fans of rain, i also take in to consideration that spring is a season of renewal and birth, which obviously requires rehydration. However... The snow flakes i saw en route to work and throughout the rest of the day... NOT OKAY! I decided to be a rebel and dress as if it were still warm out. I also got a new tattoo on monday and pants were just out of the question today! ;p

Amber killed it! Ali and I loved our matching sundae babies! 

It was so appropriate that one of yesterdays Man Repeller blogs was on YOLO dressing HAHAHA i have mastered the occasional days of dressing like a 5 year old and i'm TOTALLY okay with it.

It was nice to have a date night with hubby this evening as well. Nothing makes a cold, wet day like snuggling! Especially after we ran around in the cold unloading groceries. We finally got a Sam's membership today; i'm not sure why it took so long! Of course i was a goof and forgot to make a list of everything we needed to get for Easter brunch, but thankfully i remembered some. There's just something about grocery shopping that makes my heart happy, though, so i don't mind the extra grocery store trip! 

Tonights dinner: fresh tilapia & green beans, baked with spices. Mixed spring greens & zucchini salads, and fresh fruit water. So perfect! 

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