Sunday, April 13, 2014

Banquet fun

My husband... The only man i know that wakes me up EARLIER than usual on days off !! Hahaha. Last night we attended the 73rd annual AA Banquet. It was pretty wonderful. The food was mediocre and i drank more beverages than i ate food, but everything else was spot on. Four Points by Sheraton was a beautiful place and the speakers were wonderful, especially the AA lead. I love nights like that  where i get to share AA with Harry. It was of course also fun to get dressed up together and see good friends all dolled up as well. We didn't stay for the dancing and went to bed around midnight- seriously late for us!! Haha oh how things change the older i get. The smarter i get! And yet here i am awake by 7:15 haha. I need my full 8 hours, hubby is in trouble! Yesterday taught me a few things... That i have a program that brought me to God that I can always turn to; that my husband and i support each other through anything we can; that i have true, deep friendships that help my soul flourish; that the growth in the rest of my life is showing me that i need growth in my career life. So i'm going to pray on the next steps i need to take and God will show me what to do.. Hopefully soon because i'd like to have school for a career started or completed by the time i'm 30, and that only leaves me 3 years!  Today i'm focusing on gardening and  enjoying a lunch with my mother in law for her birthday- i'll start searching for classes tomorrow. One thing at a time!
Have a happy Sunday; follow your heart and it will lead you to God!

A shot of us from the Banquet... Oh cute Hergy's!

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