Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend in review

What a fun weekend we had! Friday night we grilled with our good friends katrina and bob. Tons of veggies and yummy kabobs! I love cooking for them because they're vegan an it gives me the opportunity to make more veggie based meals. Saturday we went to an estate sale. We found an antique desk that needs a little love, but it will be so awesome to display our oddities and collectibles. After work, i went out to support my sponsor, she's incredible! After a few of us grabbed a bite to eat, i showed off our new home. So in love with it! And the most romantic husband of all time showed me his project for the day- trying to learn a Fleetwood Mac song on his guitar for me. I cannot adore him enough, i swear! And sunday he completely got me... He told me we were going to help his friend pick up some hunting gear he bought but... Really we were picking up a big piece of equipment for our home gym!!!!! Little did i know, he had gone out to another estate sale while i was at work on saturday and bought it. He's so thoughtful. I'm so excited to really have the gym comig together. Now all i need is the dressing room to be fixed up and everything will be perfect!
Now off to get some bloodwork and things for harry and then cleaning at the apartment. I'm looking forward to getting rid of those keys and that obligation to that tiny little place! It was wonderful for us in the beginning but we simply outgrew it. Now we have plenty of room for our lives, the dog, and hopefully babies soon!
Happy Monday!

Beet, celery, and carrot juice! Not the sweetest, but an excellent combo.

Just need to pick up our treadmill! It's coming along so perfectly!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Perfect start to the day!

Nothing better than kicking my day off right! Catching up on Lindsay and enjoying my breakfast in our sunny dining room. Couldn't ask for a better hump day!

This morning's frittata: salmon, asparagus, spinach YUM

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's coming along!

We are still in the process of unpacking and settling. The kitchen is mostly organized and our livingroom just needs some photos/ art hung on the wall. I'm so excited and grateful for the space we get to call our own! It feels like ours. I'm looking forward to organizing the office and watching the hockey game with my hubby as soon as i get off of work. OH MAN am i working hard to get back in to my healthy routine asap! I feel like i gained all the extra pounds back with the craziness of moving the past week or so. Hitting the weights again in the morning and blending up some sort of smoothie for breakfast!! I need to get back in the zone and feel good.
Have a happy week!!!

A sneak peek at our livingroom:

So cozy!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Having so much fun!

Picking out little things to make our house a home is so much fun! Thank God we have the same taste in design!!! Today we picked out the lifht fixtures for most of our ceiling lights. Hubby is replacing them all as we speak! We almost got the painting done yesterday. But it was getting late and we were both exhausted. It's really been a blessing that harry has had off to put so much time and work into the house. I'm really hoping the next two days continue smoothly to stay on our schedule of moving all the furniture in sunday. I hates having to leave last night!!! It's so wild that it feels so comfortable and home-y already.
Happy friday, friends!! Take time to appreciate and love your family today!!

Jethro got a special doggy pretzel since he has had to spend a little time alone with us running around. Needless to say, his happy ears came out :) 

Some progress in the living room!

I'm loving how our color choices turned out.

Painting date night! The ladder being 15' freaked me out so i was on trim duty and rolled low areas.

The original entry light compares to what we swapped it for. It matches the rod iron railing going up the steps pretty well! Such an improvement and it looks great with the green!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ooooof. Moving!

I'm so excited that we are in the process of moving to our HOME!!! That being said... We are in the process of moving. HahaHA. Such a tedious job that seems neverending. But it is rewarding and thrilling. I'm so excited to be closer to the city, yet still tucked away. If we were a street over, our future little kiddos would go to baldwin like i did! But west mifflin works too. I wish we had a ton of money to do the renovations of the kitchen and upstairs bathroom now or turning the sliding glass doors into french doors right now... BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! Thank goodness harry isn't working this week so he can get the main painting done before we move the furniture. Comcast hooks everything up on monday so our week is basically devoted to our home-- happily!!!! I can't wait to find the right vanity for the eventual walk- in closet (converting the den off of our main bedroom into a walk in closet- hell yes).
Life is good- count your blessings- savor everything!

Harry changed the light in our main entry after he snapped this photo. Our new one is so much better!!

Our green accent walls in the living room are *hopefully* done!!! We'll also be using a warm, rich grey paint.

Oh how i cannot wait for our cookouts on the porch!!! What a fantastic job hubby did today! 


I never had a reason to like or dislike ivanka trump. She was beautiful and successful but i didn't know enough about her or what she does to be impressed or anything otherwise. But after seeing this little gem... Love her.
Super fucking awesome outlook on raising a daughter with confidence! Love it!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring splurge

It's true- i am my mother's daughter. I don't care what store it is, if i see a clothing store or any other type of store with big signs that say CLOSING! EVERYTHING MUST GO! TAKE AN EXTRA 50% LOWEST TICKETED PRICE! i am definitely going in!!!! So, with a nearby Rainbow closing, i had to venture in. In fact, i have been since it was decided that particular location was closing. They don't have the worst items (i believe truly that digging around at any store will produce at least one good item!) but in all reality, the construction and materials used are rather flimsy, light, and only worth a sale price. With the dirt cheap prices they have right now, let's just say i went bananas without getting into any trouble with hubby! For a mere $29 i got: 2 strapless bras, 5tops, 1 dress, and  3 pairs of shoes. WHAT A STEAL!!! 11 items for $29 ridiculously good!!!
At such a tight financial time in our lives, i am so thankful for these little wins. I got some bright new tops for spring and i didn't put myself in debt. That's a definite win in my book.

There's just something about buttons that i adore!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The little things

It's amazing how small things can bring such big joy. After helping family shop today, a small snuggle session with my hubby both livened and mellowed my last day of the week off. Just being there for people you love, even if they don't really let you carry bags of groceries for them, is rewarding. And cuddling my hero & partner in crime while watching one of our shows used to seem too laid back (if that's even possible!) in the past. But now, i crave it so much during my hectic schedule of life. Even having the sliver that we did today was so thrilling, yet soothing. I ventured out  for a definite joy as well; switching the title for my new car over to my name. I will say this now because i cannot say it enough- i am eternally grateful for my mother in law... Her support helps us immensely financially and with the great tasks in life, but more so in an emotional way. Just knowing i have that unconditional love, support, and family tie is incredible and keeps me strong.
After my big-girl-pride moment, i tried to let harry rest for his night shift and ventured to the grocery stores. Even this simple task is so uplifting! Picking healthy foods for my husband and me to share, finding things i know he loves or will love, knowing that we have food and won't starve or spend extra money dining out more than we prefer! These are a few of my favorite things!
And i am being mindful of not complaining... Harry has to work night shift this week so the dog and i will have to keep each other company. But he is back to work, which means we can resume the process of closing on our house. And that is something to be grateful for!!
Wrapping up my lovely day off (that was full of driving with the windows down, a fresh spring-like breeze, and Andrew Bird as loud as possible) with the Pens game; a nightcap of freshly made juice, laundry folding/ clothes organizing; falling asleep curled up with our pooch watching Sex and the City (the movie).

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Diving in

With a little free time on my day off, i ventured to my favorite place for a manicure and gel set. I have another trip planned later in the week for a pedi & eyebrow wax, but i simply couldn't hold out for my nails!!! In all honesty, i thought they might break before i got a chance to be done! The prenatal vitamins i've been taking to try and help as we try to conceive have truly been helping them grow! Anyhoo, i found my new go to guy at the shop i go to (Europe Nails in South Hills Village). He looked like an adorable tiny asian version of johnny depp. I adored him! It didn't take long so i ventured over to barnes & noble before my plans for the evening. I ended up finding an amazing little sketchbook!!! It's small enough to fit in my purse but has soooo much room for clothing sketches! As i am battling the reality of what my future could be with some foot in the fashion/ clothing industry (there aren't diverse education options here in pittsburgh, ugh), i am SO grateful to have come across this little gem! I'm usually impressed with things from the Peter Pauper Press company. Kudos to them.
With my last few moments of solitude and tea sipping, i'm going to enjoy drolling more over fall 2014  collections... Especially alexander mcqueen's :D

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quaint dinner dates

How fun to have the leading lady in my life grow as both an individual woman and as the female counterpart in a relationship at the same time as me. I imagine that we will always travel in life sise by side. All of my ladies are like sisters to me. But amy has always been a partner; my lady. It is still a light hearted joke that she is my wife and harry is my husband. And it is whole heartedly true that they are the only two people i would marry & love for eternity.
To continue! This evening we were finally able to venture to amy & zack's recently purchased home. Crown molding, fireplace, double car garage, elegant old sleek style. I am so happy that they found such a fantastic ace! Amy prepared a magical dinner in their double oven... Chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and bacon. Brussel sprouts with bacons. Green tea with mints and honey. I find that a night like this.. Full of laughs, life updates, domestic goddess magic, and more.. Is some soft peace i've been seeking all along. I'm so grateful to share this life with people that genuinely make my heart soar!
An the icing on the cake... A garbage bag full of clothes (not garbage ones- my wife is high class), perfume (Angel is THE BEST thing i have ever smelled), lotions, and Fleetwood Mac vinyl. My name is Leeana and i'm a spoiled brat!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Godmother: Part 2

My little peanut is here! Talking with my bestie yesterday, you would think we were the ones that were doctors!!! Between her 2- 24 hour lung developmental shots for the baby, holly called me convinced that Tristan was ready to come out. They treated her as if she were crazy but sure enough, those 4min contractions were foretelling! Tonight, by cesarian section, my godson finally came to our side of the belly!!!!

Weighing in at 5lb 1oz, my perfect little man!!!

Seeing mommy for the first time!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Michael kors boosting my spirits!

I've been thinking more and more about my missed opportunites with dressmaking & design. It's the only thing i ever committed to school wise after high school. Or shall i say, attempted to commit too. Luckily i paid off all my online classes, but i did not complete them. Quite honestly, even though i was sewing at a factory before, during, and after my online d&d courses, it was not enough to motivate me at jome during my personal time to complete my lessons. And sadly, at that time, partying was more important to me than chasing my dreams.
So as we continue to grow in our adult, married life together, i have considered to look into courses again. Not until we've settled into the house and not to interfere with work, but definitely at some point. And a huge part of that goes to Tim Gunn and Michael Kors. Tim is amazing and so inspiring (duh!) and Michael Kors' spring 2014 collection is just amaaaaaaazing!!!

I am allowing myself to be open and receptive to that which the Universe is trying to offer me. <3

Monday, March 3, 2014

Reclaiming self love.

I feel like i'm about to have a cliche female moment... But sometimes the little things really perk you up! I've been in a funk with my self love lately. And today was when the "i've had enough feeling low" button had to be pushed. No more eating out of boredom. No more guilt and then eating more. No more sleeping in and giving up on caring for our home and myself! Freshly paintes nails and a plan for tomorrow were all a key element in kicking my butt into gear today. It's not that material things give purpose... This manicure doesn't set my worth, it's the self attention, the minuscule details i allow myself to take pride in that add a hint of love, of respect. We're trying to get pregnant and start our little Hergy family; i need to make sure i practice self love & respect before our little peanut takes up residence in my belly! So that i can carry those genuine, important, loving life lessons on to our child/ children.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ready for spring!

Can we just talk about these beautiful gladiator sandals i got for a second!!! I am very very ready for the beautiful weather~ partly due to these little babies!!! Thank you, Vanessa Mooney, you're a mega babe. 

Dresses and barefeet and sandals... Oh yeah, i'm ready!