Friday, March 21, 2014

Having so much fun!

Picking out little things to make our house a home is so much fun! Thank God we have the same taste in design!!! Today we picked out the lifht fixtures for most of our ceiling lights. Hubby is replacing them all as we speak! We almost got the painting done yesterday. But it was getting late and we were both exhausted. It's really been a blessing that harry has had off to put so much time and work into the house. I'm really hoping the next two days continue smoothly to stay on our schedule of moving all the furniture in sunday. I hates having to leave last night!!! It's so wild that it feels so comfortable and home-y already.
Happy friday, friends!! Take time to appreciate and love your family today!!

Jethro got a special doggy pretzel since he has had to spend a little time alone with us running around. Needless to say, his happy ears came out :) 

Some progress in the living room!

I'm loving how our color choices turned out.

Painting date night! The ladder being 15' freaked me out so i was on trim duty and rolled low areas.

The original entry light compares to what we swapped it for. It matches the rod iron railing going up the steps pretty well! Such an improvement and it looks great with the green!

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