Saturday, March 8, 2014

Quaint dinner dates

How fun to have the leading lady in my life grow as both an individual woman and as the female counterpart in a relationship at the same time as me. I imagine that we will always travel in life sise by side. All of my ladies are like sisters to me. But amy has always been a partner; my lady. It is still a light hearted joke that she is my wife and harry is my husband. And it is whole heartedly true that they are the only two people i would marry & love for eternity.
To continue! This evening we were finally able to venture to amy & zack's recently purchased home. Crown molding, fireplace, double car garage, elegant old sleek style. I am so happy that they found such a fantastic ace! Amy prepared a magical dinner in their double oven... Chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and bacon. Brussel sprouts with bacons. Green tea with mints and honey. I find that a night like this.. Full of laughs, life updates, domestic goddess magic, and more.. Is some soft peace i've been seeking all along. I'm so grateful to share this life with people that genuinely make my heart soar!
An the icing on the cake... A garbage bag full of clothes (not garbage ones- my wife is high class), perfume (Angel is THE BEST thing i have ever smelled), lotions, and Fleetwood Mac vinyl. My name is Leeana and i'm a spoiled brat!!!!

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