Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ooooof. Moving!

I'm so excited that we are in the process of moving to our HOME!!! That being said... We are in the process of moving. HahaHA. Such a tedious job that seems neverending. But it is rewarding and thrilling. I'm so excited to be closer to the city, yet still tucked away. If we were a street over, our future little kiddos would go to baldwin like i did! But west mifflin works too. I wish we had a ton of money to do the renovations of the kitchen and upstairs bathroom now or turning the sliding glass doors into french doors right now... BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! Thank goodness harry isn't working this week so he can get the main painting done before we move the furniture. Comcast hooks everything up on monday so our week is basically devoted to our home-- happily!!!! I can't wait to find the right vanity for the eventual walk- in closet (converting the den off of our main bedroom into a walk in closet- hell yes).
Life is good- count your blessings- savor everything!

Harry changed the light in our main entry after he snapped this photo. Our new one is so much better!!

Our green accent walls in the living room are *hopefully* done!!! We'll also be using a warm, rich grey paint.

Oh how i cannot wait for our cookouts on the porch!!! What a fantastic job hubby did today! 

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