Monday, March 10, 2014

The little things

It's amazing how small things can bring such big joy. After helping family shop today, a small snuggle session with my hubby both livened and mellowed my last day of the week off. Just being there for people you love, even if they don't really let you carry bags of groceries for them, is rewarding. And cuddling my hero & partner in crime while watching one of our shows used to seem too laid back (if that's even possible!) in the past. But now, i crave it so much during my hectic schedule of life. Even having the sliver that we did today was so thrilling, yet soothing. I ventured out  for a definite joy as well; switching the title for my new car over to my name. I will say this now because i cannot say it enough- i am eternally grateful for my mother in law... Her support helps us immensely financially and with the great tasks in life, but more so in an emotional way. Just knowing i have that unconditional love, support, and family tie is incredible and keeps me strong.
After my big-girl-pride moment, i tried to let harry rest for his night shift and ventured to the grocery stores. Even this simple task is so uplifting! Picking healthy foods for my husband and me to share, finding things i know he loves or will love, knowing that we have food and won't starve or spend extra money dining out more than we prefer! These are a few of my favorite things!
And i am being mindful of not complaining... Harry has to work night shift this week so the dog and i will have to keep each other company. But he is back to work, which means we can resume the process of closing on our house. And that is something to be grateful for!!
Wrapping up my lovely day off (that was full of driving with the windows down, a fresh spring-like breeze, and Andrew Bird as loud as possible) with the Pens game; a nightcap of freshly made juice, laundry folding/ clothes organizing; falling asleep curled up with our pooch watching Sex and the City (the movie).

Enjoy your week!

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