Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend in review

What a fun weekend we had! Friday night we grilled with our good friends katrina and bob. Tons of veggies and yummy kabobs! I love cooking for them because they're vegan an it gives me the opportunity to make more veggie based meals. Saturday we went to an estate sale. We found an antique desk that needs a little love, but it will be so awesome to display our oddities and collectibles. After work, i went out to support my sponsor, she's incredible! After a few of us grabbed a bite to eat, i showed off our new home. So in love with it! And the most romantic husband of all time showed me his project for the day- trying to learn a Fleetwood Mac song on his guitar for me. I cannot adore him enough, i swear! And sunday he completely got me... He told me we were going to help his friend pick up some hunting gear he bought but... Really we were picking up a big piece of equipment for our home gym!!!!! Little did i know, he had gone out to another estate sale while i was at work on saturday and bought it. He's so thoughtful. I'm so excited to really have the gym comig together. Now all i need is the dressing room to be fixed up and everything will be perfect!
Now off to get some bloodwork and things for harry and then cleaning at the apartment. I'm looking forward to getting rid of those keys and that obligation to that tiny little place! It was wonderful for us in the beginning but we simply outgrew it. Now we have plenty of room for our lives, the dog, and hopefully babies soon!
Happy Monday!

Beet, celery, and carrot juice! Not the sweetest, but an excellent combo.

Just need to pick up our treadmill! It's coming along so perfectly!!!

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