Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring splurge

It's true- i am my mother's daughter. I don't care what store it is, if i see a clothing store or any other type of store with big signs that say CLOSING! EVERYTHING MUST GO! TAKE AN EXTRA 50% LOWEST TICKETED PRICE! i am definitely going in!!!! So, with a nearby Rainbow closing, i had to venture in. In fact, i have been since it was decided that particular location was closing. They don't have the worst items (i believe truly that digging around at any store will produce at least one good item!) but in all reality, the construction and materials used are rather flimsy, light, and only worth a sale price. With the dirt cheap prices they have right now, let's just say i went bananas without getting into any trouble with hubby! For a mere $29 i got: 2 strapless bras, 5tops, 1 dress, and  3 pairs of shoes. WHAT A STEAL!!! 11 items for $29 ridiculously good!!!
At such a tight financial time in our lives, i am so thankful for these little wins. I got some bright new tops for spring and i didn't put myself in debt. That's a definite win in my book.

There's just something about buttons that i adore!

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