Sunday, March 9, 2014

Diving in

With a little free time on my day off, i ventured to my favorite place for a manicure and gel set. I have another trip planned later in the week for a pedi & eyebrow wax, but i simply couldn't hold out for my nails!!! In all honesty, i thought they might break before i got a chance to be done! The prenatal vitamins i've been taking to try and help as we try to conceive have truly been helping them grow! Anyhoo, i found my new go to guy at the shop i go to (Europe Nails in South Hills Village). He looked like an adorable tiny asian version of johnny depp. I adored him! It didn't take long so i ventured over to barnes & noble before my plans for the evening. I ended up finding an amazing little sketchbook!!! It's small enough to fit in my purse but has soooo much room for clothing sketches! As i am battling the reality of what my future could be with some foot in the fashion/ clothing industry (there aren't diverse education options here in pittsburgh, ugh), i am SO grateful to have come across this little gem! I'm usually impressed with things from the Peter Pauper Press company. Kudos to them.
With my last few moments of solitude and tea sipping, i'm going to enjoy drolling more over fall 2014  collections... Especially alexander mcqueen's :D

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