Saturday, November 29, 2014

Slow Saturdays at work.

The lab is fairly dead here on the weekend. So I'm enjoying a little moment to catch up on here and look up some random Advent ideas. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I hop entirely on the Christmas train!!! I am hoping to get all our Christmas decorations up by Sunday or Monday. This Thanksgiving was so beautiful. Everyone seemed to have a great time, all the food came out delicious, and I stayed fairly prepared the days before so that the holiday wasn't entirely hectic. Harry even watched a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with me and we passed out on the couch fairly early! my sweetheart. The roads were HORRIBLE the next day, though. Black ice everywhere. I was stuck in the same spot in traffic for about 40 minutes. Then today the roads were fine... but my head wasn't! I randomly woke up at 4am, tossed and turned and somehow managed to stuff my phone under my pillow, so I never heard my alarm at 5am. Ended up coming in 40mins late for work -_- Not to mention I had a lovely headache for some reason. Hopefully I'm still just exhausted from trying to adjust to my new life schedule, and I'm not catching Harry's germs. I plan on taking it easy tonight (no filming till next weekend with the holiday), probably just having a couch & movie date with Amber and Harry. Did anyone take part in the insanity better known as Black Friday? I truly have no desire to ever go... well, only if someone else drove. Because parking lots drive me CRAZY around this time of year! I couldn't help myself... I made two small purchases online AHHHH! Hahaha I'm horrible. Pay Pal credit is the worst thing that ever happened, I swear! I cut up all my other cards but I can't cut that up so it continuously taunts me. ANYHOOOOO, the shopping deals suckered me in for two things I've been eyeing up for awhile now- I got a sweatshirt that says "Jesus loves this hot mess" and a tee shirt that says "Proverbs 31 Wifey" ... they are gorgeoussss! I'm probably going to get one of the Wifey tees for Holly for Christmas. Or soon hahaha. The company is Be Still if any of you gals are interested. I am SO excited for tomorrow! This is what my FANTASTIC Sunday will be made up of: Morning/ Afternoon- church with grandma and then starting the She Reads Truth Advent workbook together! Mid-day- decorating the house and snuggling the hubby and fur babies. Night- pie night at the home group!!! Sundays are always my most spiritually reinvigorating day. I look forward to Sunday every single week. I get my Christian fulfillment, I get my family fulfillment, and I get my recovery fulfillment. Perfection. Well, I'm off to see if any specimens have come in and prepare for lunch. Hope yinz guys have a magnificent weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving catchup

Hello, internet! Tomorrow is the second big holiday of the end of the year, and i am EXCITED! Of course, some family drama was unfolded, but thankfully, has been resolved quickly. Or at least i hope. I am hopeful that one day that will not occur anymore, but i also know we always find a way to work around it. Anyhoo! SO excited to not have class this morning!! I didn't get to sleep in because of the aforementioned drama but at least i get to snuggle the fur babies  under blankets and watch tv before work. And then tonight- THE COOKING BEGINS!!!!!!! I just want that to get here, the cooking and family and the day off. Not to mention... TOMORROW IS ONE MONTH SOBER!!!! By the grace of God, i was able to realize the mistake i made with drinking again, although only with the guidance and help of my precious husband. I'm still trying to figure out where i can go to get my one month coin; i don't want to leave the family dinner early tomorrow but i also made plans with amber on friday so i can't go to baldwin now. We'll see.
I'll update later with the menu for tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update time!

Oh, life. You always have a way of getting crazy and keeping me from posting blogs! ;p
So the newest job updates: I officially got hired by Allegheny General Hospital. My first day is Monday! Yikes! I'm excited and a ball of nerves all at the same time! Mostly nervous about parking and performing my job, since it's completely new to me. My background check took longer to come in than they had hoped, so my start date got pushed back two weeks. But all is how it is meant to be. I was able to stay on at the tattoo shop! But the time has come at last... Time to get the ball rolling on my career path!
Update on drinking: it turns out that i had to walk, WE had to walk, the path of learning by mistakes. We jumped right back to where we left off rather quickly. In my personal story, i immediately obsessed over the drink again; nothing else mattered. My workouts slipped away, i consumed only junk food, my time after work was spent with a drink in hand and/ or bar hopping. Thankfully, Harry had a moment of clarity and after a good, honest talk, we walked away from the bottle again. Thanksgiving, we will celebrate a month sober. What a blessing!!! I could tell we made the wromg choice by drinking again, but my alcoholism screamed louder. Thankfully, God spoke through my husband and we are returning to the light. I returned to the program of recovery i love so much and jumped right back in.
My latest spiritual journey is also on the up and up! While i've been struggling with taking on the title of Christian or not, i feel like my heart has finally settled on where it is meant to be. I finally feel ok to claim myself as a Christian. To reintroduce Christ into my heart. I know i can allow Him in and still choose to be current with my faith. I'm trying to grow in my church as well as with my family. Reading Brian "Head" Welch's autobiography truly helped me find peace with it all. Jumping into Lacey Sturm's book now about her journey out of depression to Christ!
Other updates: started filming for Jon's movie this past weekend! Everything has gone really well so far! We'll be filming weekends through the first week of December. I'm just glad we're done with the outdoor scenes, i'm sick from it!!! And i'm completely thrilled that it will be shown in a real theater... First time seeing my acting on a big screen!!! Also, this being my last week at the shop, Amber is doing a little tattoo for me on Friday.. Something harry wrote me, in his handwriting, right under my left chest... So it's close to my heart :) i'll post a photo after!

So thankful today. For all that life & God have to offer.