Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving catchup

Hello, internet! Tomorrow is the second big holiday of the end of the year, and i am EXCITED! Of course, some family drama was unfolded, but thankfully, has been resolved quickly. Or at least i hope. I am hopeful that one day that will not occur anymore, but i also know we always find a way to work around it. Anyhoo! SO excited to not have class this morning!! I didn't get to sleep in because of the aforementioned drama but at least i get to snuggle the fur babies  under blankets and watch tv before work. And then tonight- THE COOKING BEGINS!!!!!!! I just want that to get here, the cooking and family and the day off. Not to mention... TOMORROW IS ONE MONTH SOBER!!!! By the grace of God, i was able to realize the mistake i made with drinking again, although only with the guidance and help of my precious husband. I'm still trying to figure out where i can go to get my one month coin; i don't want to leave the family dinner early tomorrow but i also made plans with amber on friday so i can't go to baldwin now. We'll see.
I'll update later with the menu for tomorrow! :)

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