Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Update time!

Oh, life. You always have a way of getting crazy and keeping me from posting blogs! ;p
So the newest job updates: I officially got hired by Allegheny General Hospital. My first day is Monday! Yikes! I'm excited and a ball of nerves all at the same time! Mostly nervous about parking and performing my job, since it's completely new to me. My background check took longer to come in than they had hoped, so my start date got pushed back two weeks. But all is how it is meant to be. I was able to stay on at the tattoo shop! But the time has come at last... Time to get the ball rolling on my career path!
Update on drinking: it turns out that i had to walk, WE had to walk, the path of learning by mistakes. We jumped right back to where we left off rather quickly. In my personal story, i immediately obsessed over the drink again; nothing else mattered. My workouts slipped away, i consumed only junk food, my time after work was spent with a drink in hand and/ or bar hopping. Thankfully, Harry had a moment of clarity and after a good, honest talk, we walked away from the bottle again. Thanksgiving, we will celebrate a month sober. What a blessing!!! I could tell we made the wromg choice by drinking again, but my alcoholism screamed louder. Thankfully, God spoke through my husband and we are returning to the light. I returned to the program of recovery i love so much and jumped right back in.
My latest spiritual journey is also on the up and up! While i've been struggling with taking on the title of Christian or not, i feel like my heart has finally settled on where it is meant to be. I finally feel ok to claim myself as a Christian. To reintroduce Christ into my heart. I know i can allow Him in and still choose to be current with my faith. I'm trying to grow in my church as well as with my family. Reading Brian "Head" Welch's autobiography truly helped me find peace with it all. Jumping into Lacey Sturm's book now about her journey out of depression to Christ!
Other updates: started filming for Jon's movie this past weekend! Everything has gone really well so far! We'll be filming weekends through the first week of December. I'm just glad we're done with the outdoor scenes, i'm sick from it!!! And i'm completely thrilled that it will be shown in a real theater... First time seeing my acting on a big screen!!! Also, this being my last week at the shop, Amber is doing a little tattoo for me on Friday.. Something harry wrote me, in his handwriting, right under my left chest... So it's close to my heart :) i'll post a photo after!

So thankful today. For all that life & God have to offer.

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