Monday, March 3, 2014

Reclaiming self love.

I feel like i'm about to have a cliche female moment... But sometimes the little things really perk you up! I've been in a funk with my self love lately. And today was when the "i've had enough feeling low" button had to be pushed. No more eating out of boredom. No more guilt and then eating more. No more sleeping in and giving up on caring for our home and myself! Freshly paintes nails and a plan for tomorrow were all a key element in kicking my butt into gear today. It's not that material things give purpose... This manicure doesn't set my worth, it's the self attention, the minuscule details i allow myself to take pride in that add a hint of love, of respect. We're trying to get pregnant and start our little Hergy family; i need to make sure i practice self love & respect before our little peanut takes up residence in my belly! So that i can carry those genuine, important, loving life lessons on to our child/ children.

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