Thursday, April 10, 2014

Closing a door

As i sit in our first living space together, i feel it is important to reflect on all the good- and bad- times that were shared here. In part, because the damn carpet cleaners are taking forever. But also because as excited as i am to turn in our apartment keys today and close this chapter, it was OUR first place together. The location was probably the best thing on a strictly material level. That and the pool. The setup itself is rather blah and shows signs of minimal updating since its 1970- something inception. But on the deeper side of this dwelling... This is the first place harry and i returned to on a daily basis together. This is where we built our one on one partnership. Amidst all the turbulance of our first months, with outside forces trying to keep us apart and my rocky battle with alcoholism and a list of disorders, this is where we knew we could make it through anything. This is where i knew i found my soul mate; where i snuggled up close to the only man i ever want to kiss again.
So the gratitude certainly overpowers the lack of updates, cramped space, and overpriced rent rates. While i am not upset about leaving the apartment, i'll always remember how it was a nest for my eternal love. I'll remember getting ready for my wedding day in our living room- dining room space. The nights of early sobriety where i thought for sure that i was going to cave but turned to my sponsor a few doors away. So much love in these tiny, white walls!!!
Goodbye, Squires Manor!

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