Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A happy hump day

I love how fast weeks seem to fly by. For the most part, at least. In a way i hate that time escapes us so often. But most days are extremely joyful so i'm thankful for that! I had my meeting with the director of admissions at CCAC on monday. She was super friendly and spelled out everything pretty clearly. I still have to research a little more about the Mercy School of Nursing (since their email response was quite blunt and cold to look online for information- rude!). If i decide to take my basic courses at CCAC i could start june 30th! And then once my basic credits are fulfilled i could enroll for the nursing program. I will pretty mich have to have a 3.5 GPA or higher to have any shot of getting into either, so i'm going to be pretty buckled down and studying hard!!! I think i'm going to lean towards pediatrics but i still have tons of time to figure that out. Now i see why God hasn't given me a sponsee yet... I have some thigs to focus on in my own life! Speaking of which, i'm speaking sunday  and at the end of may... Thank goodness i went to macy's the other day and got a comfy pair of little strappy heels! Also, thank goodness the shoe gods were telling me not to splurge- i tried to get 3 pairs of wedge sandals to try on (michael kors, guess, and someone else ridic) and they didn't have ANY of the 3 in my size... Yep, i hear ya, no crazy spending right now! Tonight we're heading straight to Stage AE after i get off work. Let's hope i can stay awake hahaha. A friend from work gave us free boxseat tickets to see volbeat. Yay!!!! And tomorrow i have a meeting with the girls. Friday, amber is dying my hair. Somehow, my weeks are always full. It's nice but i think a calm week is in order after this weekend. I hope in a way these next few weeks fly by because i can't wait to get back to my church. This sunday i'm going to my brother & sister in laws church, next sunday to my grandma's (since it's mother's day), and then the following week... Finally back to mine. It's my favorite. Rev. Patterson that baptized me is still the senior minister there. Soooo awesome; what a wonderful man. Plus, Smithfield is probably the most beautiful church in Pgh. I'd say i'm biased but i really think it's true!!! So much history there.
Well, i have to finish getting ready for work. I have to make my rice & tuna for lunch- getting back on track! I ate Stonepepper's grille for lunch yesterday and felt like i was dying. Ugh. Made a big batch of master cleanse lemonade too. And slowly phasing meat out again. Hello happy healthy life!

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