Thursday, May 1, 2014

Oh boy!!!

Well, i'm jumping im with both feet; i reserved my spot to take my placement test for school!!! Oh MAN i am nervous about math & science! Haha. I can crush english, no problem. Which of course basically means nothing in what i'm trying to do HAHAHA. Oh well. I'm committed!

I'm so excited to get my schooling going. I want to have a meaningful career SO BADLY! It means the world to have harry support me on this.  

I called and made our first mortgage payment today! Gah! It's so real now! Now that it hasn't been. I just love seeing us get our wonderful family & life together. I'm so grateful for my life, for our life together!

I totally went wild last night amd ate wings AND fries. Haha sheesh. But the rest of the day was full of good, healthy choices. So i'm not going to kick myself for it. Just moving on! I drank salt water today to get my system moving (ahem, a certain part of me moving- ew sorry not going to say more than that! Ha). And i made a delicious breakfast to get me going. I ran out of time to workout before work but i think i'll do a 20 min tabata workout later, just to get something in. 

Mmm nothing says delicious like cooking in coconut oil!!! My breakfast egg wrap! Spinach wrap, 4 egg whites cooked in coconut oil, kale & other greens, salsa, and chia seeds. YUM! And motivation to continue the healthy choices throughout the day!

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