Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Healthy & happy!

Life is such a blessing! God has been so gracious to me, and i'm seeing it in big & little things. Sitting on our porch opens my eyes to the beauty in my life. Nature and my family- all in the presence of God- what more could i need?!?! Well, nothing, but i receive more!!! I registered for 3 classes so far in the fall!!! Time to really push myself to grow. Nursing is something i should have considered a million years ago. I'm a little nervous, but mostly excited! I long to better myself and have a real career. I just keep thinking of how i want to pave the way for my future, for our future. When we're older and both able to retire, i'll be so grateful i worked hard now. I'm getting myself back on track with my exercising and food as well. I'm able to move past the road bumps now. I acknowledge them, i move on; i cannot give those moments any more time or energy than they already take. So on to bigger and better things- in everything in life! We grilled a bunch of meat yesterday, boom! Back in the food prep train! We have to go grocery shopping so veggies & rice are being made as needed, plus i prefer to have them fresh. And back to morning workouts and breakfast shakes!!! :)

Also, harry shaved his beard yesterday morning and the pens ended up losing... I'm blaming him entirely ;p hahahaha

Chicken marinated in a ginger dressing, grilled.

93% lean patties stuffed with a tiny piece of pepperjack for extra kick!

Dinner last night: edamame & 2 of my lean patties!

Yum!!! This morning's breakfast/ post-workout shake!

The last photo taken of the beard- Monday night at Primanti's before the Crosses show. RIP beard

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