Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Quick catch up

Oh, life- so good to me! This weekend was jam packed- but fun!! On saturday, i came home to our precious new fur baby!!! I can't believe just how much harry loves me... Enough to get a cat. Plus he's a bigger softie than most guys, so he immediately fell in love with him.

We named him Church (like the cat in Pet Sematary- yes we're freaks). He and Jethro have a mutual happiness with each other's existence, but they're still working on being best brothers and actually spending more than 5 seconds together. 

That night, Amber dyed my hair. I finally gave in to the ombre craze. Beautiful vibrant red on top, blonde ends. I love it! Also, she claimed to be a non- cat person but fell in love with him immediately! 

Sunday was INSANE! But the day worked out and ended up being fun. I started the morning off going to church with my friend Darla. It was a neat church and service but i probably should've kept my morning free. Strictly for time and calmness. I ended up accidentally leaving my wallet there (they had a coffee bar- the bane of my existence). The service went a little longer than i expected, so i ended up asking my step mom to pick me up there so we could dash off to my brother's. Thank goodmess sheri grew up in baldwin and knew where the church was. It used to be the willock club but was converted to a church. Imagine that; always at a bar, even in sobriety ;p
Lunch was great, i love spending time with josh, amy, and the boys. Plus the ride to and from with sheri and grandma katie was hilarious!
Mmm you don't have to tell me twice to eat a burger with an egg and avocado+salsa!

And speaking went well. I'm looking forward to doing it again at the end of the month. I get such a good rush from doing it. Plus, above that, it touches my heart so much to talk to people after. The Pens played their first game in the second series of  the playoffs, so a bunch of us rushed back to my place to watch the rest of the game with hubby. Their win sealed the deal that it was a good day!!

Monday was a date day for us, for the most part. We dropped Sylvester off, so fingers crossed we get my car back by tomorrow at the latest. Harry fooled me again... We had planned on "going to Construction Junction" after we left the garage but what we REALLY did was go pick up a vanity in Lawrenceville! Such a dream boat. It's become blatantly apparent that my dressing room is officially the most important room in the house! Or at least the one that will be completed first. 
I love it!!!!! We just have to pick out some new handles since a few are broken or missing. The ones that are ok are neat but i can't have mismatched handles. And they're pretty but not on the level of must-find-matching-ones-or-i'll-die. For now, i'm using the stool amber gave me. I don't know what i want there long term. Now all i have left to do is paint the walls and build the ottoman with harry! I'll probably get a little area rug for under the ottoman but that won't happen until after we build it so that  i can make sure it doesn't overpower or underwhelm the rest  of the room. Oh man. One room being close to completion is so exciting!!! Only a bazillion more to go hahahaha. We did end up going to Construction Junction; got a million ideas! What an awesome place. It made me really happy to peek my head in at Free Ride too. I haven't been there in so long. We had lunch at Hakkaido- YUM! Kitty and Sue visited us for a bit. We set up the treadmill downstairs. So it was a productive day! We spent the evening celebrating Cinco de Dano~ in other words, a birthday party for Dan. I ended up eating sooo much, both a mix of healthy and crappy. I'm paying for it today, ugh. But it was fun. Seeing our friends that are family and watching the Pens dominate with a 2-0 shutout was great!! Plus, anytime i get baby snuggles, i'm a happy lady!!! 
So excited to finally get to hold little Tyler!! 

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