Friday, September 5, 2014

Weekend vibes

So as i sit here snuggled up under a blanket, watching my weekly dose of Bev Hills 90210 (TVGN is replaying it from the BEGINNING, YESSSSS!), all i can think is.. Whyyyy must i leave to go to work today?! Why can't there be a BH90210 marathon all day?!
Then i remember that i just took my pre-workout, so my skin will be crawling in about 10 minutes and i'll be forced to leave Cozy Central to workout regardless ;p hahaha
I can tell it's Friday, and yet i have no clue where time has gone; the weekends are so strange to me! My body is beat and all i can think about is being on the couch. But i seriously have no idea how i'm already done with my classes for the week and how i only have one more day of work before my weekend. That is definitely one of the perks of my job; it flies by so fast.
We had issues with the power company weds night- thurs afternoon. Thank God our food didn't spoil!!! Utilities being monopolized is so horrendous. We have a lot of improving to do in our communities and country to benefit the overall population. What a sham some of these bills and companies are; corporate pockets shouldn't be more important than our basic human needs and rights!
Okayyyy rant over! I have a workout to crush! Happy weekend babes! I've got another full one. Step work with a sponsee tonight, jazz church service with Gram tomorrow night, church and Kennywood on Sunday!

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