Monday, August 25, 2014

A word on humility...

You know, looking through all my posts titles recently, i noticed how i focused on a lot of great things- "the good life" "so blessed" etc etc. But let's be real- life is a balancing act. Last night i had my first car "incident." I'm choosing to call it that over an accident because it makes more sense to me... Unless you have a screw lose, anything that negatively happens in a car is an accident, duh. Anyway, while driving to Donaldsons' Crossroads to get my sister from work, a combination of me trying to rush & get it over with quickly and having poor vision at night assisted in my incident; driving over the median on Rte. 19. My lovely little Saturn sits lower to the ground than most, and that coupled with my 30ish-mph going over it blew out my two front tires, as well as crumpled my rims. And that's simply what we know- hopefully when harry's friend goes over it in his garage, we don't get a more detailed list of items ruined. Either way, all i've been praying is HELP! (Reading a fantastic book called "Help, Thanks, Wow" ... Check it out!) I need God's help now more than ever; in understanding; in acceptance; in finding the solution rather than lingering in the problem. After crying a lot and talking to many people, i am finally calming down, at least some. I suppose my deals at Macy's today helped as well ;p
All in all, my experience was this- life is good all the time, and sometimes bad things happen. I just have to turn to other people know for added strength and support. Car "incidents" are in no way unusual. This was just my first, and therefore all the more scary. Thankfully i didn't get hurt, thankfully no one else was involved or hurt, thankfully monetary issues are all that we must deal with, thankfully God has kept me sober yet another day to keep even less troubles in my way. Do i stay in the negative, the problem, of my car that needs fixed, or do i pray, breathe, and find the solution? I must move into the latter at this point, for my sanity and for those around me that try to assist me. I urge you to do the same with every "incident" in your life... Big or small!!!
God will answer you, perhaps just not how you expect it. Did i magically fly over the median i couldn't see and avoid hitting it? Um.. No. But i do i have great family & friends that are helping me and DID I GET OUT OF CLASS EARLY TODAY?! You bet your sweet buns. :)

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