Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A new day, a new hope!

Wouldn't you know that not long after my last post, hubby harry returned home from work, and not much longer after that, WE WENT TO PICK UP MY CAR! Let me just preach our little peach's shop... If you're in the pittsburgh area, Ryan Grant's garage, Castle Shannon, my hero again!! All of my fears, all of my human insufficiencies.. Quickly tackled. Let me restate why i think my day did a complete turnaround; i prayed whole heartedly. No, i don't think God made a quick stop at Grant's garage, no i don't think Jesus was my mechanic. But yes, i did find strength in prayer, yes i was able to slowly come to a calmer state that allowed me to focus on how i could fix the situation, yes i realized there was hope. Often times i know that i would love to see big, wonder- filled miracles like the Bible describes. But i am humble in the fact that i hardly ever will. And i am honest in the fact that throughout very troubling times in my life, i feel like i HAVE seen big things happen.
Alright, i just had to get that out. ;)
Last night we had a popcorn date and watched the Emmy's. So cute. I'm beyond touched everyday by the love of my life. I cannot believe i got so lucky to have my perfect match pick me forever!!! Is it anniversary time yet?!?!?
Pumped to have a later class today, i'm finally going to check out the gym at school! This is my last week of 5 days on with 2 days of rest on the Jamie Eason Live Fit plan. Oiiii vey, almost time for the 6 days on!!! My cramps and bloating are trying to fight me on working out today but noooo way, sister, i'm calling the shots today!!! I am so glad it's not a chincy little gym and locker room. I'll have enough time to do legs, shower, and eat breakfast, all before english! Now that's what i'm talking about!!!

Off i go to pack my gym bag and 90k supplements ;p
Have a great day! Create the joy you seek!

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