Friday, August 29, 2014

Frustration Friday!!!!!

Oh boy. The weekend for some is a thrilling time; days off from work, enjoyable time out & about with loved ones, a fresh breath before the return to work. My weekends don't start until Sunday, so i miss some of the action. I'm not going to lie... I am not a big fan of fridays & saturdays. They can either be so obnoxiously slow at work that it feels like i'm dying or so clustered with random people and billions of phone calls and chaotic  personalities, that i am dreaming of ripping my eyeballs out.
Ahem, that latter scenario? Happening right now. >=|
This has been the work day from Hell. Too many attitudes. Too many people stopping to "visit." Too much everything. My spiritual side is really being tested today. I am far too excited to get the heck out of here, put sweatpants on, and study for my bio test. My ability to be around people today is obviously burned out and i need some peace of mind before i commit to dancing with any more egos!
Maybe it's Aunt Flow, maybe it's the busy day. All i know is ...... Praying and breathing deeply A LOT today!!!!

How do you guys relieve stress?

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