Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Feeling on top of the world!

Well, i have to admit... My first class yesterday was filled with anxiety and then laughter and acceptance. The whole way to school and while i was sitting in the classroom before we started, i was almost sure i might puke! ;p i used the restroom and saw harry's lunchbox; his company is working on our lab! Hopefully they finish quickly because i want to get in there! But my anxiety left when my teacher started to get into our plans and goals. She is amaaaaazing! Smart, funny, and she swears like a sailor- perfect! I'm looking forward to bio. Unfortunately i did do a ridiculous amount of running around after class and harry and i took a mega power nap until about 7:30. So unusual for me! Thankfully we were both so beat that we still went to bed around our normal time.
Back to school tomorrow, my second bio of the week, followed by english thursday morning. I'm glad paych doesn't start until early september because FUCK are books expensive. Ridiculous. Oh well, i'll do whatever it takes to get to my career! I already applied to for Med Lab Tech in spring 2015. Oh man i hope that there are no complications!

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