Saturday, August 23, 2014

The end

Ohhh end of the week, how i love you. Last day of work for the week, last day of workouts for the week. Sigh. Pure, exasperated bliss! Amber is coming over tonight for our weekly chick- flick hangout! Tonight's theme: ROBIN WILLIAMS. Yep. Gonna cry everywhere. I think Jumanji is a definite, because at least there are thrilling momenta to keep from thinking of robin. I don't know if we'll emotionally be able to handle more than one movie! Plus, let's face it, i'm ALWAYS asleep by 11:30 on the weekends. And that's my LATE bedtime ;p hahahaha

Mmmm already made a batch of kale chips so that they're ready to go!! I tossed the clean, ripped up leaves into walnut oil, garlic & onion powder, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and pink Himalayan salt. They're going to be divine!!! Plus it's the only way i can get harry to eat kale ;p keeping tonight's food healthy- normally i make chick night eat- whateva- the- heck- i- want night, but i did that in excess earlier in the week and have still been feeling belly aches since. Plus we have jordan's
bday party picnic tomorrow, so i might want to enjoy indulging then! Besides.... Something yummy/ healthy from applebee's + kale chips + dark chocolate covered frozen bananas + Graze popcorn = moooorrrreeee than satisfying!!! 

My breakfast sandwich today.... Omg... 
Pepperidge Farms' light oatmeal bread + egg whites + tilapia baked with spices + raw kale + sriracha .... I am still enjoying this and i ate it three hours ago. Happy post- workout belly!!!! 

And the treat i was looking forward to all week!!! Oh pumpkin coffee. Me love you long time. I try not to drink coffee often because 1) i get a little sugar- happy and 2) it hurts my belly A LOT in excess. I mixed my coffee with plain, powdered non-dairy creamer, 1tbsp sugar, and 1tbsp coconut sugar. It. Is. Perfect. I just want pumpkin everything. Going to have to stock up on some pureed pumpkin right about meow. Let the fall recipes begin! I'm over summer! 

Well, back to work i go. Still have a few more hours before my weekend begins!!! 

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