Sunday, August 17, 2014

New, amazing things on the horizon!

This Sunday morning, i have so much to be grateful for!! Well, most days, but i can reflect on so much today! Darren is back from his tour in Qatar, safe and sound- THANK GOD! He got leave to come home so we spent some time with him and his girlfriend and family on friday night. I don't know what i would do without my cousin. Saturday we had our usual chick flick/ take-out night with amber :) i love that my hubby is so wonderful to spend time with and does the cutesy stuff with us! And today- so much on my mind! I am looking forward to church with my gram. The new pastor at her church is very powerful and moving! His sermon last sunday really called to me! I still want to check out the Hot Metal Faith community, but Harry isn't able to go to church with me today so we're waiting for that. After that i'll head to harry's hockey game and hopefully check out bubba's gourmet burger place!!! It doesn't get much fresher than having the butcher in the back of the restaurant!!! And we get to see the new baby, kaleb!!!! Hopefully soon we'll be able to have our own little bundle. Tomorrow is MONUMENTAL! My first day of college, ever, at 27 years old. You know, getting older doesn't make it any lessnerve racking! I'm just as nervous as i imagine a kid fresh out of high school is! Also, i should hopefully get word back about my applicatiom to AGH to do part time lab processing!!! My cousin Dawn put in a good word with her friend which would be amazing!!! They would probably even end up paying for most of my school. AMAZIIIING! Wow. So nuts that i could start school and hear back on a job related to my career goal in the same day! I could basically cry with joy! HAHA!
Plus, we are finally almost at the one month countdown to our one year anniversary. I don't know how you people keep presents a surprise, this shit is torture! After the anniversary i'm going back to my old ways of gifts whenever i get them hahahaha
Happy sunday! Hope you are all open to love & light today!

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