Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter date night!

Last Saturday night, we had a REAL date night out! Now typically, we have several nights that we spend together; whether on the couch watching our favorite shows, at the gym, spending time with family, etc. But it is few and far between that we journey out into the general population and spend the evening somewhere fancy! Behold! A present from hubby allowed us to do just that!
As a longtime super fan of the Pixies, i cherish any moment i hear their sweet music. I was very fortunate to see all the original members perform live in new york in 2011, playing my favorite album from start to finish, and then some! So when hubby told me he secretly got us tickets to see them when they came to our hometown, i was ECSTATIC!!! One thing we have always managed to do is get each other extremely thoughtful gifts; we genuinely get each other and know what makes the other smile from the inside out.
As our date night approached, i was filled with worry. You see, i found out the original bassist had left the band and was concerned that: a) her replacement would not hold a candle to her and b) they would try to push a new album or sound.
How silly i was to doubt our date night! First of all, SAVOR ANY AND ALL DATE NIGHTS!!!! I wasn't even thinking about the fact that harry and i got to go to one of  the most beautiful buildings in pittsburgh (the carnegie hall of music in oakland). Plus, any time with my dream guy is magnificent. AND THEY PLAYED GREAT!!!! Kim deal's replacement, Paz, had the same energy and smile as her and was very talented. It was magical.

Moral of the story: Enjoy each moment rather than predetermining its value. You never know how amazing an adventure can be until you are actually diving into it!
The Pixies

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