Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Our little chicken nugget

I get so excited thinking about how our beloved Jethro will soon have his OWN yard!!! He hasn't had that since i briefly stayed with my dad & step mom a few years back! And even then, he shared it with the family's three little ankle biters. Our home is going to be such a playground for our little ham. We're so blessed to have a well trained, mostly calm dog. He's playful, yet contained. I'm sure he's looking forward to summer weather to run around. Althought you'd never hear our 9 year old boy complain. He LOVES snuggle time! All day, anywhere! Although preferably with a pillow and blanket.

I mean, being a dog is a hard, hard life!!!

Sometimes i get nervous as jethro continues to get older. But i know that life is a circle, and there's no changing that. All i can do is savor every snuggle and fun day! It also helps to remember the life he came from in arizona was such a drag compared to what we have given him.  I can rest easy knowing we have given him a great life, full of love and attention! 

Now let's just hope we get pregnant while jethro is still strong enough to carry a wee one on his back! You better believe i will do that! 

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