Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love Day, Hergy style

Since our first Valentine's day together, we celebrated by buying crab legs, steaming them at home, and devouring them on the couch. Simple, sentimental, solo. This year, we thought we'd be wild and venture out into the public- but only because we had a gift card for Joe's Crab Shack. Harry tried to make a reservation to save us a bit, but they weren't taking them. You would think that after years of experience in the food industry that i would know better than to try to get a seat in a restaurant, especially with an empty belly! Our adventure was fun, but fruitless (in regards to food). We drove through the city traffic at the end of rush hour, sipping giddily on our red bulls. We're wild, i know. After battling through the Liberty Tunnels (which took longer than anything we did aside from eventually eating), we parked in Station Square. Here we go! Let's wait a bit and then get our big crap pots! JUST KIDDING! The girl kindly told us it would be about a two hour wait-- far too long with my growling belly. We politely left, grabbed coffee and tea at Crazy Mocha, and humbly drove back to our suburbs for a nice quit, japanese dinner at Rice Inn.
How wonderful though, knowing that we remained calm and had fun even with setbacks in our plan. My husband grounds me so much and brings me so much joy. Because of that i am able to work on my own patience, as well as obtaining some from him when i need it.
Also, for valentine's days from here on out, we're back to our regular tradition. The couch and crabs is what works for us!!!

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