Monday, February 17, 2014

Date Day!

On days off with no pre-decided plans, it automatically becomes a date day for us! Last night, knowing there wasn't anything we had planned, we tried to decide what to do for the day. When the morning arrived, a home cooked breakfast was first on my list after sleep-in cuddles. Harry was a good dog- daddy and took jethro on a snow adventure through the woods. We took our time getting ready and then took our beloved Jethro off to his grooming appointment. Knowing we had at least two hours before we had to pick him up, we went to the shooting range. Apparently harry hits head shots good while i have mastered the groin shot! HA! We also meandered around Pat Catan's craft store for a bit before returning home with our fluff ball.

Fresh and clean and happy to be heading home!

And soooo sleepy! 

After making lunch, i went into a massive food coma, rather than heading to the gym as planned. I am not much of  a napper (unlike hubby) because i tend to feel drained after them. Today was no different; my two hour unintentional nap made me feel withered and more tired. We decided to have other people cook dinner for us and used a gift certificate we've had since the holidays. We love the food at Atria's and devoured our food faster than most people. We were literally in and out of the restaurant within 40-45 minutes! The snow began to fall heavily again, so we walked over to Coffee Tree Roasters to enjoy some hot drinks and watch it for a bit. CTR is one of our favorite coffee shops... They serve such great drinks and have a beautiful, unique set up. 

Don't let his "i hate photos" face fool you... We were having a blast! 

Days like this are perfect to me... Slow paced, quality time with my man, beautiful seasonal weather, delicious meals, and rest. After this great monday, i know all the craziness that's coming this week will go well! 

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