Monday, February 10, 2014

Days off together!

Days off together are always started off the same way- sleeping in later than usual (which is never later than 10am somehow) and having morning family snuggles with the dog. It is the BEST way to start a day. As well as my favorite!!! 

My silly boys :)

We like to spend these days as snuggled and lazy as possible! Hubby made us delicious omelettes, we watched 50 First Dates, and pj's stayed on as long as possible! After running out to get my TB shot, we continued the couch fest by buying Insidious 2. On Demand movies was probably the greatest invention ever. We pay less than the price of one ticket to the movie and get to snuggle. Going to the movies is fun, don't get me wrong! But not all the time. Between the money you spend and the fact that we're hooked on cozying up under our blankets, we'll stick with our livingroom! 
I left for a bit for some girl's time and harry got some quality painting time. But we are together again on our couch... It is easy to say that it's our favorite spot together! We love our quiet little life!!! 

Snacks and book buying with this angel!!!

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