Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Early closing date!

Oh boy, the time is just flying. We got word from the agent of the curret home owners that we could close early if we'd like. YES WE WOULD LIKE TO!!! Thankfully, our loan agent has been super friendly and as soon as we get harry's union savings fund, we're set to go!!! We could literally close by the end of the week- the 1st of march is an option!!! I'm in awe of our home-to-be and just the idea of holding the keys in my hand is breath taking. I already have so many dreams and aspirations for our lives in that big house.
If you asked me in the past if i'd own a home, start a family, become an adult... The answer would have been a resounding no. I was lost and running was the only thing i knew how to do. Now that i have so much emotional and mental freedom, i am so excited to take on these adventures. I no longer see family and responsibility as a burden or punishment; it's a gift- joy- real love.

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