Friday, January 31, 2014

Life is like a bowl of cherries...

... Sometimes you just have to work out the pits for the sweet stuff!!!
As we wait for our closing on our VERY OWN HOME (!), I keep finding myself in moments of lack-luster spirituality. I'm becoming so overwhelmed by my fears that I'm beginning to have more Debbie Downer days than sunshine-y ones! I am not the type of person to be affected by the weather so I know that is not the case. I have genuinely just been falling short on turning my worries over. THANK GOODNESS i am able to gather myself; that i have learned tools to save myself FROM myself! Having this awakening today, i must remind myself: the financial struggles will not last forever; our inspection went very well; our biggest changes in our forever home will be cosmetic and to suit our style, as opposed to big fixes that would keep us from living there; we are in good health; our love is stronger than ever; my Higher Power shows me constantly that i am cared for on a Higher level than imaginable; i am beyond blessed. 

The focus of my prayers & meditation today is: 
When i feel down in the dumps, i will remember all that i do have and be thankful. The value of my life isn't measured by what i don't have, but rather by what i do have.


  1. You continue to inspire me every day, you amazing slice of human, you. Peace, love and ❤����

    1. Ohhhh my little georgia peach!!!! I could nevaevaevaeva live without you!!!! was probs invented by leon the licker/ snow storm