Thursday, December 31, 2015

Resolutions Worth Making & Keeping

Let's be clear here- I'm a list fanatic. Doing a task simply to make a list of necessary steps and items is very real in my little OCD bubble! That being said, I am a very wishy washy new year resolution maker. Sometimes I do it, sometimes it seems relentlessly silly. But I do back the idea of making a list of self improvements!! I just wish we could all improve on doing this numerous times throughout the year! Since this year I'm on the resolute wagon, I thought i'd share them here. They are quaint and simple, but powerful.
  1) Treat my husband the same way i did when we first met- times ten- everyday. Love him like you did the day you said forever- times ten- everyday. 2) Be nice to people at work that ask dumb questions. Laughing at their lack of knowledge isn't funny, it's rude! 3) Stay committed to your fitness goals. This hasn't simply been about you for a long time. Lead the women that need you FOR REAL! Teach classes with tenacity so women know you offer a space of love and strength. 4) Dig DEEP into your spiritual depths this year! The Source is calling you and you must respond! Study various religious and spiritual writings and meditations to stay connected in the soul. 5) Stick to the real you with your appearance. You wear YOU best. STOP TRYING TO MAKE JEANS HAPPEN. 6) Set business hours and keep them. Family time is priority time. 7) GROW G R O W GROW baby!!! (MAKE YOUR BUSINESS HAPPEN!) Inside and out. 8) Set aside $1- $5 minimum each week for every credit card debt collector so you can get financially free. 9) Love all that I love already infinitely deeper. 10) Continue to care for my body the way I should- like it's my most valued possession. XOXO

What are your aspirations of growth for 2016?

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