Saturday, December 13, 2014

New career goals

Working in the lab is lovely... I am gaining experience in a medical lab, I am working in the city for the first time (something I have deemed as an "adult" thing to do since i was younger) , and I am constantly learning new things. That being said, I have learned a few things about the career I was thinking about pursuing. For instance, medical laboratory technicians undergo a few semesters of clinical chemistry. They also stand around in my lab talking gossip or scurry from machine to machine with various samples/specimens in hand. I see this and I think... is it worth the money? First, there is how much money I'd have to pay for school. Yes, I will have some assistance from AHN now, but there is no promise of full reimbursement. The eventual pay is nice. But as technology changes, would I have to go back to school to stay up to date with the machines? One of the great techs that has been here for quite some time told me about one of the big layoffs in the past. At the very heart of it all, I am noticing two fears that scream out to me: 1. Am I smart enough to handle that schooling/ job? 2. Will I become bored quickly without the ability to have social experiences? So, I am packing my bags from Dreamland in Lab Tech World and moving to Phlebotomy city. I am in the process of registering for phlebotomy classes, and honestly, I feel excited already! Hahaha- nothing is final, started, or anything, and already it feels like the right move. Perhaps something will move me that makes me realize I actually do want to pursue nursing, but for now, I am comfortable with this decision to change my career goals. After today's shift, I'm off to the last night of filming for The 11th Hour!!! It's bittersweet; I'm grateful to not have the weekly commitment because I feel run down right now, but I will miss acting and shooting with these goofballs. I'm so excited for April to be able to see it in the theater. But more than anything, I'm trying to focus on positivity and getting back in shape. I feel like I have been in a dual funk- physical and emotional. Time to get back into the heart of this season and focus on advent, Jesus, and the great things in my life and get the heck outta my head!

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