Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Vaccines, shmaccines

See, the thing I hate about vaccines is.... Okay, I don't hate everything. Preventing polio, I get that. But let's talk about the flu vaccination. I am a generally healthy woman with a mostly good diet that gets in a moderate amount of physical activity, and when i actually work out a SUPERB amount of physical activity! But working in a hospital, even in the lab, I am required to get the flu vaccine. I had the option to not get it done and read through some "educational" material online and sign off on it. Sadly though, as a newer hire, I had issues with the website that Highmark was using. Lucky me! After calling three separate departments, filing an online problem form, and visiting the employee health office only to be told I needed to call yet another department, I caved and got the shot. Deadlines and phonecalls made my head explode and I gave in. So today? Yep, I'm dealing with an unstuffable stuffy nose. My arm where I got the shot already feels better, but the rest of me? Exhausted and sore. Coooooool. :p This is why this healthy woman that takes vitamins almost regularly and hardly ever gets sick thinks that the flu vaccine is not made for her. And now another fun road block- my general exhaustion. English class- final research paper turned in, final group presentation done, nothing left to worry about. Pscyh class- have to write final paper but it will be a cinch and isn't due for two weeks, not much to worry about. Bio- OH BROTHER.... Felt like crap today, mentally mostly, and skipped my last lecture class. Thankfully I had the notes printed out already, but still there is definitely a bonus to discussing the topics with her and knowing exactly how she wants to define things. And Monday I'll be jumping right into the lab final. Ugh. At least I have the cell numbers of my lab group partners; I'll pick their brains later as to what we went over in class today so I'm prepared. But that's not all! Monday is just the LAB final... Wednesday is the lecture final! Oh yay! I guess I'm just stressing over it because I have so much chemistry to look forward to that I need to grasp this class to move on. At least in my mind. Plus, I feel completely confident about my english and psych class based on the overall semester and high school overall too. Bio is my wildcard though. Well, off to work to sit and feel miserable. Hopefully these symptoms go away soon so I can get back to cramming life in. But why oh why can't I just sit at home and watch Grey's Anatomy under my blanket with my fur nuggets and the beautiful grey skies all day?!?!?!?! ;p

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