Thursday, April 23, 2015

Finding balance

When we tackle the things in life that helped lead us to our calling, it's important to keep balance in mind. Right now, as I often do, I'm dealing with the trouble of trying to make a schedule for myself to keep my life in balance. I have to balance my family, my friends, work, growing, As well as achieving the things I need to that will support my future career goals. Amidst that, I have to balance my as well as achieving the things I need to that will support my future career goals. Amidst that, I have to maintain my health and fitness own personal own personal health and fitness routine and goals. Sometimes I do much better at different tasks with a clear-cut goal and end in sight. For instance, in my fitness coaching career, my mentor has set a goal for me that I am trying to achieve. It's a big goal in a short amount of time, but the pressure makes me want to push that much harder. I considered signing up for a fitness competition at the end of the year or next year, but I also have to know certain limits and boundaries. I definitely believe that I will compete at least once in my life, but the fact is that Harry and I are trying to get pregnant right now, and I need to make my goals match. It does not make sense for me to try and get pregnant and also try to bulk and cut and follow a very precise meal plan when my body has other jobs to do right now. That doesn't mean that I'm not still lifting and trying to get my body in peak physical condition, it just means I have to give it one important task at a time. Balance. Slowly but surely I'm getting the hang of this. I plan on writing up a schedule for my days so that I stay focused on my goals and don't skip anything, but also don't take away from my family time. I don't think it's impossible to be an entrepreneur and still maintain a healthy social life. Besides, there is no trade off for time with my family and friends. No courier or success would be worth it without the people I love by my side. If you recognize that something needs balance in your life, whether it's an action or your words or your routine, I pray that you take the steps to find the balance that works for you. Have a great Thursday!

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